tanner Hill House

                    In the Litchfield hills


The 120 Tanner Hill property was conceived and designed by husband and wife team Anne Hutchins and James Orsi, landscape and architectural designers, respectively.

Tanner Hill House is a unique Adirondack & Shingle Style inspired home -  a residence thoughtfully conceived of not just as a house but as a luxury retreat on fifty acres above the east shore of Lake Waramaug in Warren, CT.

For those looking for a stunning weekend retreat or full time residence, Tanner Hill House will provide a unique experience and an updated approach to country living in the Litchfield hills.

This project is about an uncompromising commitment to quality. Skilled artisans using extraordinary, hand-selected materials have implemented a rigorous design concept with extreme attention to detail.

This focus on uncommon quality permeates the design and construction of the project and ultimately translates into the experience of the indoor and outdoor spaces themselves: sensuous and vital, calming and restorative.

Elegance and understatement are evoked on the initial approach to the house - layers of restrained richness unfold as one enters the Tanner Hill House. State of the art electrical, HVAC, audio/video, and security systems are seamlessly concealed throughout the project. Antique wood and granite of the highest quality have all been hand selected with a discerning eye. Wood and stone, expertly and uniquely combined, create a one-of-a-kind architectural statement.

What's been achieved is a home conceived not just as a house, but also as livable art.

The goal was to make environments of textured experience throughout the house and other structures as well as amidst the fifty acres. To this end, "destination environments" were created - spaces for private retreat and quiet contemplation that one can seek out or happen upon throughout the structures and grounds.

The result is an architectural environment with a multifaceted sense of scale: two people can feel perfectly comfortable, and the space can just as easily accommodate twelve for a weekend stay.

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